Hello! I have some of my experience, affiliations, and cleantech articles posted here. Please shoot me any question or comment and I will get back to you.

In a nutshell, my work is to help people achieve radiant health. I am passionate about advancing innovative solutions that protect human and environmental health. 

My passion to advance new clean technologies began during a high school field trip, where we visited the local wastewater treatment plant. I saw first hand how we were releasing somewhat harmful water back into the river. Afterwards I became focused on identifying ways to improve our water treatment technologies and their underlying economics. I came to learn that broader portfolio of clean technologies–renewable energy, advanced water treatment, and smart agriculture–all hold great promise to help improve people’s lives over the short- and long-run. Especially for those who have to spend the most just to get the basic resources of electricity, food, and water.

I attended Loyola Marymount University to study water treatment in more depth for my undergraduate studies. Afterwards I went attended MIT to understand how new clean technologies like reverse osmosis membranes are successfully commercialized. It was there through my research at the Sustainability Initiative in the Sloan School of Management that I became energized by the problem of advancing early-stage clean technologies. I was fortunate to meet, work with, and learn from many professionals working to solve this complex problem in the greater Boston area and beyond. The “valley of death” and heavily skewed risk/reward ratio in cleantech is difficult to overcome but by no means impossible. 

Since then I joined Flex, a global design and contract manufacturing firm that has the ability to address many of the cleantech challenges head on. My first role was in the corporate strategy team where I did go-to-market strategy for residential solar, an in-depth exploration of 5G technologies and commercial opportunities, and new venture creation in utility-sacle solar. Then I joined the corporate development team in the energy and industrial business segment, where I am today. My work has been in investments and partnerships for smart and connected grid edge products, product management for utility solar, and M&A across the business segment. It’s been a privilege to have direct involvement in addressing the challenges of scaling new and mature clean technologies. 

All my work is driven by a strong desire I have to know God, glorify Him, and speak to the radiant life He offers us in Jesus of Nazareth.