Hello! I use this site as a little collection about myself. I have some of my experience, affiliations, and cleantech articles posted here. Please shoot me any question or comment and I will get back to you soon!

About me: In a nutshell, my mission is to help people achieve radiant health. I am passionate about advancing innovative solutions that protect human and environmental health, and pointing people to the ultimate source of radiant life where I draw my strength.

My desire to advance new clean technologies began during a high school field trip to the wastewater treatment plant. I saw first hand how we were releasing not entirely “clean” water back into the river. Since then I become focused on identifying ways to improve our technologies and their underlying economics. I came to learn that renewable energy, advanced water treatment, and smart agriculture all hold great promise to help improve people’s lives over the short- and long-run.

I attended Loyola Marymount University to study water treatment in more depth for my undergraduate studies. Afterwards I went attended MIT to understand how new clean technologies like reverse osmosis membranes are successfully commercialized. Since then I have worked at Flex in corporate strategy and now new business development. My work has been in new product & service creation, go-to-market strategy, partnerships, and M&A. To date I have done work across solar, energy efficiency, telecom, and IoT.

All my work is driven by a strong desire I have to improve the health of others. It is interwoven in everything I do. I am a big proponent of health and fitness. However I am recognizant that a lasting radiant life cannot come from a healthy lifestyle and environment alone. For that I point the One who conquered disease and death. The One who gives everlasting life to those that repent and believe in Him: Jesus. He is my ultimate source of strength. For I can do all things through Him who strengthens me – Philippians 4:13