On Creating Cleantech Confluences

After two years of an incredible journey the show is coming to a close. Today I had my three copies of my thesis printed (one for the library vault, one for the library stacks, and one for the TPP stacks), signed and submitted. The experience of producing a masters thesis has been a good one and I have grown a lot personally and professionally from the process. It is exciting to see a finished product after months of hard work. Hopefully On Creating Cleantech Confluences provides some useful insight for entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers in cleantech. The field is exploding and undergoing a radical reformation. Cleantech 2.0 is on the horizon and I am excited and hopeful it will bring the change we need in time.

In any case, the work would not have been possible without the help of all sorts of people, including my advisor Jason Jay who has been a tremendous mentor and advisor during my time at MIT. It has been a privilege to work with him in the Sloan Sustainability Initiative and I am looking forward to the day I am the one presenting at the Thursday Sustainability Lunch talk! Other thanks are in the acknowledgments. In the meantime we’ll push this forward and see if we can land it in the Harvard Business Review for some good exposure! Stay tuned… I am excited for everything that comes next.