What do you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

What do you want to accomplish in the next…

Classes finished up last week and my incredible time at MIT is coming to a close. It makes me wonder if I will ever take another university class ever again… either way I’ve probably had enough school and need to move on to the real world. We were left with a provocative question in our last sustainability capstone class when we were asked what specifically do we want to accomplish in the next 5 years. I thought about it and came up with these three accomplishments:

  1. Be involved in reducing 100 tons of CO2 equivalent or 100 tons of toxic pollutants
  2. Be involved in the creation of 100 jobs
  3. Inspire 1 or 2 others to do the same

It wasn’t easy thinking up some concrete accomplishments but these came to mind as actionable and measurable goals. They are very helpful in my plans going forward since now I can evaluate any job against my ability to meet these goals. I don’t know if I will reach them or if my next job will allow me to meet them, but the direction and purpose they provide is very helpful. We are all passionate about something so being able to identify concrete accomplishments that takes that passion to an applied level is important for us to internalize. It’s worth thinking about although it’s not easy.

My hope is that my next job keeps me on the cleantech trajectory that I started at MIT. There is incredible opportunity in the sector right now so it will be interesting and exciting to see what finalizes (the documentaries Catching the Sun and Time to Choose capture this perfectly). Now I’ll just enjoy the long awaited sunshine and warmth in New England while doing some interviews and other miscellaneous closures. Graduation on June 3rd is approaching quickly so a few fun trips in the meantime will be perfect.