NorthCal graduation road trip

NorthCal graduation road trip

In over 2000 miles and 6 nights of traveling, my brother Erik and I completed an incredible road trip around Northern California. We went from Boise to Tahoe, Tahoe to Yosemite, Yosemite to Santa Cruz for two nights, Santa Cruz to Arcata, Arcata to Medford, and Medford back to Boise. In between we saw everything from wild bears to vintage Ford Mustangs to the Golden Gate. After living in Los Angeles for four years, I can safely say that Northern California is definitely the most beautiful half of the state.

The amount of different geography we passed was amazing. The mountains and pines around Tahoe were thick and dark green, but then between Tahoe and Yosemite there are some beautiful dry rolling hills filled with cattle and horses (what I called “Mustang Country”). Then there is the agricultural valley of central California and then back to smaller mountains closer to the coast around Santa Cruz. On the way up we went through the Bay Area and its native fauna, San Francisco, and then up north through Santa Rosa along Highway 1 where you start to hit wine country. Lastly there was the utmost north where there’s the giant Redwoods and the pine-filled Oregon boarder. The different geographies really amazed me.

I was also surprised with the amount of development there was in Tahoe and the Bay Area. California has grown a lot in population/tourism and we could tell. It took us nearly two hours to go 7 miles from Daly City to the Golden Gate bridge and Tahoe had casinos up on the Nevada side of the border. People are fighting for every single plot of prime land near the beach in Santa Cruz or anywhere in San Francisco. The Mystery Spot isn’t even a mystery. No wonder the cost of living has gone so high. California is a beautiful state and everyone has flocked to get a piece of it. The cycles of boom and bust really haven’t settled ever since gold was discovered throughout the northern part of the state.

Overall it was a memorable trip. We laughed, we shouted, we talked a lot about cars. It was great. I will always remember this special trip with my brother. Now onto other fun summer adventures before the job hunt comes to an end.

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