After nearly 10 months of interviewing and sending out dozens of job applications, I have finally found the right company and team for the start of my post-MIT phase: Flex (formerly Flextronics). I will be based out of the company’s US headquarters in San Jose and working with the tight knit and diligent strategy group. I could not be happier with this move and I am extremely excited to begin doing high impact strategy work with a massive 200,000 employee company with global reach, and exploring any and all connections to cleantech. I start in mid-August.

It all started from a serendipitous email I received from a manager back at the beginning of May when I heard my resume was forwarded to the team from HR. Although I didn’t remember sending any application recently I immediately jumped on the opportunity and went through two rounds of case interviews done face-to-face on Skype and right before graduation was given the chance to interview onsite. The proposed date was June 3rd, graduation day, so I had to push it back a week and flew out June 10th. I met several members of the team, went around the bay-facing office, and left with an overall fantastic impression.

Unfortunately by the time I had interviewed the two open slots were filled so I had no opening. The team really liked and wanted me to join so they tried to make a third position but after a month nothing was realized. I was recommended to the corporate leadership development program and (somewhat disappointedly) began interviewing again for a spot in the next annual cohort. I had thought at that point I was staying in Boston so I began looking at housing in the area and called off plans of subleasing my place.

On July 14th I was eating lunch at the Maharaja in Harvard Square with my good friend Danny, telling him what happened over the course of the two months, when I noticed my phone vibrating. I was being called and the number was from Milpitas, CA. I knew it was Flex and tried to remember if I had another interview scheduled for the leadership program. I was wrong. Over the next 10 minutes I had learned that a spot had opened up with the strategy team over the last day and that they were rolling over the position and offer to me. I was looking at Danny the whole time smiling in disbelief. After the phone call I told him what had happened and neither of us could believe the serendipity. Everything had come full circle. I was on cloud 9.

Two weeks later I officially accepted the formal offer and began looking at housing the bay area. I found a sublease for my wonderful home on Chalk street and began doing final rounds with friends in Boston. It still hasn’t hit me that I am moving back to California and working with an amazing team and company that is exploding with opportunity. Looking back these past 10 months I would have never have guessed the post-MIT job search would end like this, but it did. As one of my good soccer buddies told me, sometimes the best only comes at the very end, and I could not agree more.

Now I look forward to jump starting my career with the Flex strategy group and making the greatest impact possible. Living in the bay area will be a different experience from living in LA but I am extremely excited. This next phase will bring on new challenges, new experiences, and new people but I am ready and open to embrace it full heartedly.