End of summer

End of summer

We have officially reached the end of summer and it is already starting to get chilly in the bay area. Incredible because this past Monday it was so warm I had to go swimming after work. Now it is getting chilly and will probably continue that trend, although not to the same levels as the northeast. I just wanted to recap what a summer it’s been.

It started with finishing the TPP thesis in May. After that it was straight cruising to graduation. It was nice to have Erik come out to Boston to see my stomping ground and show him around. The Acadia trip with the group was amazing that weekend and I gained a new appreciation for natural parks in the northeast.

Then my family from both sides rolled into town for graduation. I had to somehow split my time evenly between the family and the little miss. For the most part it was a success. Played my last soccer game, went out to a nice dinner with both families, traveled to Nantastket for the first time (and loved it!), and finally had graduation from MIT. It was a whirlwind of an experience and the next day I was already on the plane back to Boise for Erik’s graduation.

After crashing (mentally) on every single flight back to Idaho, we finally made it back on time for Erik’s graduation. Later that week my mom hosted an amazing graduation party for the both of us at home and we had a nice turnout of friends. I never expected people would give us so much money as a graduation gift. We were definitely grateful and spent the time to hand write thank you notes to everyone.

The next day I was on my way to San Jose for my third and final round interview onsite with Flex. I was so excited and had a new business suit ready for the experience. The day before the interview however I took a trip to SF to see a friend and get a good taste of bay area to see if it was really my thing. It was. The next day I nailed the full day interview and flew back to Boise with Jamba Juice in hand and happy how it went.

A week later my bro and I were on the road for our north Cali trip which I blogged afterwards. What an incredible experience. From Boise to Tahoe to Yosemite to Santa Cruz to San Jose and SF to Highway 1 past the Golden Gate Bridge to Redwoods to Medford, OR and back to Boise. We took plenty of pictures and were left with awesome memories of Cali. I was even more excited about hearing back from Flex.

The rest of the month was spent in Idaho going to Redfish lake and McCall for the 4th. There were startcraft sessions, gym time, movies, and good evening walks. It was perfect. Then after the fireworks I took a one-way flight back to Boston, still unsure what would happen. I honestly thought I would end up staying in Boston. There seemed good prospects. However I would never guessed the turn of events that transpired next. The call in Maharaja with Danny changed everything. Flex offered me the job and after my positive impression of bay area from the trips and my overall strong desire to move back to California, I accepted it.

The move out of Boston began and slowly I began to peel away as I sold my wonderful bike, gave away clothes to goodwill, and found a sublet for my room. There were final parties and get togethers, final sunset walks, final soccer practice, final bike rides, and final trips to the Trader Joes down the street. When the day came I was somewhat sad, somewhat excited, and somewhat nervous of beginning my life in the “real world.” I took a final deep “bowl of Bostonian air” and quit it.

I left to Ohio first to spend some time with Tata and my dad. There we played plenty of golf and more golf. I also got to see a video of my parents from 1989 when they first moved from Argentina to the US, and out of all places to the bay area in Gilroy. Watching that movie from the past was incredible to say the least as I saw all the places I would be seeing soon. A few days later I jumped on the plane San Jose and made the final leap.

I moved straight into my new apartment with my new roommate hoping everything would work out alright. It did. I struck out lucky with a super roommate and apartment complex. Indoor and outdoor gyms, parks, pools, running trails, and wonderful sunlight… I had found my heaven. I was happy. The ORJINAL came next, as well several trips to IKEA and ComedySportz (I love that place!), and within a few weeks I was well settled in.

Work started slowly and I came to love my new team, company, and job. It’s all a new phase of development and I am embracing it and all its opportunities and challenges fully. I was lucky to be the “energy guy” and be staffed purely with the energy solutions segment of the business. I would learn a lot within the first few weeks ramping up on how to succeed at work. Being proactive with work and networking was my biggest immediate takeaway and I have made it my focus since.

The first weekends were mostly all road trips with a good buddy from MIT. I went to Mt. Diablo and then we went to Santa Cruz, SF and Palo Alto, and Monterey. Then after all our discussions on how awesome Cali is he moved to New York! Luckily that week I had Neha’s company and we spent an unforgettable week doing wine tasting in Napa, parasailing/jet skiing/casino-ing in Tahoe, and hitting up Half Moon Bay. The week went by too fast and I refocused back on proactivity at work.

That leads to now where today was the last day of summer. In Facebook there was a beautiful photo of the Charles at sunset with everything glowing red. Slowly its sinking in me the great life and community I had in Boston. Being in a new environment I have to actively make a new social network and put myself out there. Nothing is coming at me like it did in Boston where everything is thrown at you and shuffled around in that dense and tight setting. Now it is much different but I am happy in other ways. I have my early morning workouts early at the company gym, Skype and starcraft sessions, and sunbathing on the weekends. That however will probably start changing as I move into my first “fall” in the bay area. It is starting to get chilly outside.

When I think of this summer I warm up inside. It has been one of the best summers I’ve had. It always amazes me how much can change in one year. I would have never guessed I would be here right now last year when I was starting my 2nd year at MIT. It always makes me wonder what I will be doing one year from now. In any case I will have another wonderful summer to look forward to. Good bye summer. Until 2017.